Welcome to another freshly brewed episode of your favorite podcast, Tourism Heads & Their Tales. Today’s guest is no stranger to the industry. We welcome Jake Steinman, founder and CEO of TravelAbility, a platform that aims to make travel easier and more accessible for people with disabilities. From travel and tourism conferences to events globally, Jake has been involved in the travel sector for over 30 years as a journalist, publisher, consultant, and entrepreneur. In fact, he produced his own event under the brand eTourism Summit, a digital marketing conference for the travel industry. In today’s episode, we define what a “disability” is and hear his passion for promoting inclusion and diversity in travel and tourism. We learn how destinations and the tourism industry at large can improve accessibility for this important market using a variety of tools, such as an accessibility assessment. Jake is an expert in this field and offers invaluable insights. Don’t miss this impactful episode, part one of two.

Part One:


Part Two:

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