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We are a full-service agency that partners with smart, innovative clients to make the “not yet possible,” possible. We offer a comprehensive mix of services including market research, go-to-market strategy, campaign management, creative execution, content creation, interactive brand experience planning, marketing investment performance analysis, and industry benchmarking.

We offer proven expertise, unparalleled experience, and nationally and internationally recognized quality. We are proud to claim a number of Fortune 500 firms, top-tier research institutions, well-known government agencies, and highly-regarded non-profit organizations among our valued clients.

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Our Team

Jennifer Eddy

President & Chief Strategist

Jennifer Eddy is an international award-winning marketing…

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Jackie Le

Director of client success

Jackie Le is a senior cross-disciplined team lead in charge…

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Bob Gilbert

General Manager, Tourism & Destination Marketing

Bob Gilbert has a personal brand that’s iconic…

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Sean Eddy

Chief Operations Officer

Sean Eddy is the Chief of Operations and…

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Catherine Fox

Senior Tourism and Destination Development Advisor

Catherine Fox is a recognized leader in tourism and travel…

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Travis Yaga

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Prior to joining Eddy Alexander as a Senior Marketing Coordinator…

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Daniel Sullivan

Account Manager

Daniel Sullivan is an accomplished and highly collaborative account manager …

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Kayla Corder

Senior Account Manager

Kayla Corder is an enthusiastic and highly motivated…

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Alla Daniel

Marketing Coordinator

Alla Daniel is a…

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Sherry Wallace

Public Relations Manager

Sherry Wallace is an award-winning public relations…

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Clayton Fralin

Marketing Coordinator

Clayton Fralin came to Eddy Alexander through…

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Melinda Petroff

Senior Staff Accountant

Melinda Petroff brings over 20 years of experience in buis,..

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Nicola Waugh

Marketing Manager

Ncola Waugh is a marketing manager with…

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Joey Trumble

Operations Coordinator

Joey Trumble is an innovative Operations Coordinator…

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Laura Hebert

Executive Assistant

Laura Hebert is a seasoned hospitality and administrative specialist…

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Sarah Clark

Graphic Designer

Sarah Clark is a graphic designer and…

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Our team is always looking to grow. Current job openings include:

Account Executive

Graphic Designer I

Graphic Designer II

Our Why

Marketing can and should be measurable, meaningful, and strategic. At the highest levels, it involves both art and science.  Effective partners are skilled, trustworthy, accountable, highly informed, creative, and bold.

Eddy Alexander clients, and team members, accept nothing less.

Around here, we partner for the long-haul. We’re focused on business results. Sure we’ll help you engage your desired stakeholders, tell resonate stories, and strategically drive deeper customer engagement. But the real reason clients hire us is because we build brand equity, generate leads, improve sales and marketing efficiency, and drive continuous, and exceptionally valuable, insight to deliver real economic value.

Let’s get started.

Our Beliefs

Marketing should be measurable, meaningful, and strategic.

Effective marketing requires both art and science.

Great marketers must be business-minded, strategic, honest, forward-thinking, and loyal.

Great campaigns are measurable investments.

Impactful creative requires great strategy.

Awards are nice. Client satisfaction is much more important.

Eddy Alexander is a Nationally Certified Marketing, Public Relations, and growth strategy consulting firm

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