tourism & DESTINATION Marketing

Tourism & Destination Marketing

Tourism marketers work to drive community prosperity while balancing the needs of multiple organizations and stakeholders and the wants of increasingly experienced travels in relevant, timely, and personal ways. As the tastes of travelers evolve toward increasingly immersive and experiential opportunities and the formats for reaching target audiences expand, tourism marketers are evolving age old tactics to most effectively stand out from destinations around the world.

Measurable Impact
Beyond just reaching your target audience, tourism marketers must create a full experience that guides prospective visitors with inspiration and awareness through consideration and preference to a final selection of the destination.  Then, through their own positive experiences, visitors become evangelists for a community’s brand and actively support the drive for success.


  • Brand management
  • Brand perception studies/analysis
  • Creative development
  • Crisis management communication
  • Seo & sem
  • Social media marketing

Tourism marketing requires a balanced and appropriate mix of collaboration, promotion, and community involvement to be successful.

Community Focus
Eddy Alexander works to highlight your destination while building trust and transparency with the local community and business leaders and connections among relevant markets. Our highly personalized and passionate approach to client service, tourism marketing and management expertise, and results-focused marketing and growth strategy approach is sought after by tourism destinations around the globe.

We curate effective strategies that balance the most applicable channels and build a presence with your target audience for the best return on marketing investment. Tourism marketing requires a balanced and appropriate mix of collaboration, promotion, and community involvement to be successful. A strong tourism campaign will excite current residents and businesses and still appeal to visitors.

Tourism Expertise
Our approach to community branding leverages both best practices in management consulting and industry-specific techniques more akin to a traditional creative agency.  Through years of experience in driving economic development, tourism traffic, and asset revitalization, we are able to evaluate market position, review, analyze and apply market research to tell a community’s authentic story in a unique way that attracts growth while maintaining strategic goals.

Our expert tourism marketing team is led by senior marketing strategist, Bob Gilbert, whose past performance includes creating “the World’s Largest Hotel Chain” global strategy for Best Western International, launching the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center’s new persona driven website, and developing the first-ever travel trade digital publication. Gilbert has been named as one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Travel Industry Executives”, and his unique style has won over a dozen Adrian Marketing Awards.

View Virginia’s Crossroads Case Study

The Eddy Alexander Experience

Eddy Alexander has worked with regional, national, and international clients, serving small businesses, local communities, and Fortune 500 companies alike. This experience allows us to understand the variety of relevant perspectives. By building an understanding of the community from a consumer behavior angle as well as the residential values viewpoint, Eddy Alexander has cultivated a prestigious portfolio and track record of cross-industry success.

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