Economic Development

Economic Development

Economic Development has never been more important to your community. Creating 
and retaining high quality jobs requires you to be an ambassador for all that your 
community offers high growth businesses in your target sectors. 
From quality of life statistics, to move-ready and build-ready inventory and zoning 
regulations, your team has a neverending data set to manage. Too often, however, 
proactively marketing falls to the bottom of every good economic developer’s strategic 
to-do list.  
With many powerful stakeholders to manage, its important that your messaging 
remain clear, consistent, and ever-present in the markets you seek to attract. Eddy 
Alexander understands your world. From place-based brand building to brasstax lead 
generation, our team has worked around the country to develop strategic marketing 
initiatives that deliver real, measurable results. 
Eddy Alexander helps clients assess their current market reputation and positioning, 
aggregate both market and historical regional economic data, identify new 
opportunities, and develop more strategic and effective visual and verbal brand assets 
that build the community pride, create meaningful employment, and advance the 
local tax base.  
We take the time to understand and highlight the differentiated value and unique 
nature of each community and work with our clients to achieve and publicize your 


  • Brand management
  • Brand perception studies/analysis
  • Creative development
  • Crisis management communication
  • Digital presence optimization
  • Enrollment marketing
  • Fundraising communications
  • Media buying
  • Seo & sem
  • Social media marketing

As communities think about place-making in ever more strategic and proactive ways, marketing is becoming an increasingly important piece of the planning.

Our methods recognize the fundamentals of place-based marketing, brand hierarchy management, and organizational psychology. We understand how relocation and expansion decisions are made on the inside and help you influence those decisions from the outside.

Our team brings experience supporting real property management decision making, community surveying and events, media tour coordination, community branding and promotion, digital journey mapping, social media management, and more, regardless of channel, the strength and interconnected nature of your assets must be communicated clearly and succinctly. We will work collaboratively with you to demonstrate the clear and differentiated value of your community to each of your target audiences, and we’ll help you manage the messaging and positioning strategy as you transition from where you are to where you ultimately want to be.

Our award-winning economic development marketing team has been recognized with top honors from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC), The American Marketing Association (AMA), the Public Relations Society of America, the American Advertising Federation, and more. Our knowledgeable and professional team members understand both the art and the science of marketing and will work with your office to apply that knowledge for your community’s benefit. With our data-driven approach we’ll help you prioritize efforts, target effectively, and communicate impact.

View the New River valley’s Case Study

Where relevant, our tourism marketing practice, higher education marketing practices, technology marketing practice, professional services, and healthcare marketing practices can also offer strategic insights, targeted supplemental expertise, and market knowledge to help you grow the industry hubs that will strategically drive your community forward. 

No one knows your region better than those who call it home. Our team takes great pride in building and maintaining strategies to support each client’s unique business objectives, contextual impact, and operational considerations. We understand the components that are critical to developing organizational credibility and building a broad community of enthusiastic regional ambassadors.

By using proven project management techniques, highly trained professional staff, and our proven and proprietary approach to message management, Eddy Alexander consistently achieves exceptional results that enhance project impact and increase client reach, resonance, and recall.

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