The Redwood Sky Walk in Eureka, California


Eddy Alexander was asked by the city of Eureka, California to develop a compelling visual identity brand and advertising strategy for the Redwood Sky Walk, and to leverage the city’s multi-million-dollar investment in the attraction to drive earned media and visitation from around the world. The Redwood Sky Walk is a series of bridges and platforms that soar as high as 100 feet above the forest floor and allow visitors to experience the great northern redwoods in a new way.


Create a wide array of promotional materials, earned media plans, and ad campaigns to create awareness and excitement about the new asset. One of the items created to support the opening of the Redwood Sky Walk was this promotional video for a YouTube campaign.


The thirty second video includes both aerial and ground footage, as well as scenes from the walkways themselves. The video was produced fully in-house, including animation and special effects. The video shows very clearly the majesty of the redwoods, the experience of being high up in the trees, and shows visitors enjoying the redwoods and their reactions to the experience. The RSW video was used as a YouTube campaign with great success.


The Redwood Sky Walk’s YouTube campaign received almost 400,000 impressions with an interaction rate of 65.55% (260,795 engagements). The promotional video’s skippable in-stream ads had a view rate of almost 50% (46.09%) with 235,443 impressions. This resulted in an average cost per view of $0.03. The YouTube campaign was part of an overall strategy that resulted in earned media and visitation from around the world and placements in top publications including The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler Spain, Travel + Leisure, and Lonely Planet. The city has reported a substantial increase in visitors to the area, resulting in a 110% increase in TOT (transient occupancy tax) over the previous year.

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